Sea-Monkeys & Triops

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'Sea Monkey' Magnifying Glass
Sea Monkey Mini Magnifying Glass   Approx 5.5cm long, with 3.5cm viewer ..
'Sea-Monkeys' Banana Treat
Sea-Monkeys Banana Treat   While it's true that "monkeys" like bananas, Sea-Monkeys ..
'Sea-Monkeys' Calibrated Feeding Spoon x5
Calibrated Feeding Spoon   Neon yellow calibrated measuring spoon for your pets. ..
'Sea-Monkeys' Cupids Arrow Mating Powder
Cupids Arrow Mating Powder   For shy Sea-Monkeys afraid of "marriage", this fabulous..
'Sea-Monkeys' Red Magic Vitamins
Red Magic Sea-Monkey Vitamins   This is the formula containing EVERY KNOWN VITAMIN y..
AquaVac Hoover for your Triops Tank
AquaVac (Aqua-Leash)   This is great as a "vacuum cleaner" to suction up the "yuck" ..
Mossball for your Triops Tank
1 Moss ball 1"-2" We recomend the use of 1 or 2 mossballs per Triops tank. They will provide food fo..
Sea-Monkey' Sea-Diamonds
Sea-Monkey Sea-DiamondsThis heap of sparkling "sea-gems" keep Sea-Monkeys happy and entertained by g..
Sea-Monkeys' Aqua Leash
Aqua-LeashHere is a MUCH-NEEDED tool to SAFELY handle Sea-Monkeys! Over 8 1/2" long, it's a Sea-Monk..
Sea-Monkeys' Gro-Kwickly Sea-Monkey Growth Stimulator
Gro-Kwickly Sea-Monkey Growth StimulatorIt makes those "runts" who don't want to grow-up, SPROUT alm..
Sea-Monkeys' Instant Life Sea Monkey Refill Kit
The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys Original Instant Life The Basic Starter kit that started an Am..
Sea-Monkeys' Ocean Zoo Kit
The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys Ocean Zoo! Raise adorable Instant Pets with the classic Sea-Monkeys ..
Sea-Monkeys' Water Purifier (Packet #1)
Water PurifierNumber #1 of the 3 packets necessary to produce Instant Life! It neutralizes the poiso..
Triops Baby Food
Aquasaur Baby Food / Triops Baby FoodTriops Baby Food is a finer granule than the other triops feeds..
Triops Growth Food
Aquasaur Growth Food / Triops Growth FoodTriops Growth Food contains: 62% protein with Vitamins A, D..
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