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Reptiles Magazine - 2000 August
FEATURES:Western Australia: A Herpetologists ParadiseGet a lucky look at some of the thorniest and d..
Reptiles Magazine - 2000 December
FEATURES:Louie Porras: Reflections of a Herpetologist Meet one of the herp worlds bright, shining st..
Reptiles Magazine - 2000 November
FEATURES:Mutants!Peruse a guide to snake variants and the genetics behind them.Nature's Stealth Frog..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 August
FEATURES:The Bearded Dragon: Australia's Goodwill AmbassadorGet the hottest tips on caring for Ameri..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 February
FEATURES:The Cascabels of Caroni SwampJoin a group of researchers on a visit to Trinidad in search o..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 January
FeaturesHeads Up!Learn more about helmeted geckos.By Jim PetherLouie Porras: Reflections of a Herpet..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 July
FEATURES:The Smooth-Scaled Sand BoasConsider Eryx johnii when planning your next snake acquisition.B..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 June
FEATURES:In the Pythons Den Bob Clark discusses his history in herpetoculture and past and future py..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 March
FEATURES: Sunlight in the Rain Forest GreenTracks brings a REPTILES editor on an amazing herping exp..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 May
FEATURES:All That Glitters Phyllobates terribilis puts the poison in poison-dart frog.By Sean K. St..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 October
FEATURES:Orinoco FlowThe endangered Orinoco crocodile gets a helping hand from Venezuelan conservati..
Reptiles Magazine - 2001 September
FEATURES:Lizards in ParadiseA visit to Australia's Fitzroy Island leads to some interesting herp enc..
Reptiles Magazine - 2002 December
FEATURES:Grand Cayman Blues: The Struggle to Preserve Cyclura nublila lewisi Efforts to help this be..
Reptiles Magazine - 2002 June
FEATURES: Managing and Breeding Red-Footed Tortoises (Geohelone carbonaria) These tortoises pack a l..
Reptiles Magazine - 2002 October - Special Anniversary Issue
FEATURES:Searching for Smoky Salamanders Trek into the Great Smoky Mountains in search of some slipp..
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