Medivet Vetaclean 250ml

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Brand: Eurorep
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Vetaclean is a safe, rapid acting concentrated biocide with a wide antimicrobial spectrum.

Vetaclean is a routine cleaner which is diluted before use using the convenient multi measure dispensing bottle.

It is effective against a wide spectrum of microbial agents. Residual antimicrobial activity on surfaces continues to afford protection between applications.

It is safe to both the user and the environment.

Vetaclean has a neutral pH, is biodegradable, non toxic, non corrosive and non staining when used at the recommended dilution.

Vetaclean is ideally suited for routine use, having superb cleansing and deodorising properties. It is ideal for use on glass and all cage furnishings including artificail plants, rocks and water bowls.

Vetaclean is economic to use, one 250ml bottle making up to 75 litres.

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