Repashy Superfood SuperCal LoD Micro Fine Calcium 150g Tub

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Our Micro Fine Calcium Supplement with No Vitamin D. For species kept outdoors, and given daily exposure to natural sunlight or high levels of UVB radiation from specialty bulbs.



Our Calcium Carbonate is mined from the Mohave Desert in California, where it was deposited 300 million years ago during the Mississippian Age as a large graveyard of marine animals. It was formed in very favorable conditions in a shallow marine environment. These remains were cemented together with Calcium Carbonate precipitated out of the primordial sea. The deposit was then further purified and metamorphosed by various natural geologic processes including high pres-sure and temperature. This deposit is an extremely pure source of natural Calcium Carbonate which makes it a truly unique source for food, supplement, and pharmaceutical applications.

It is FDA Food Grade Certified. Our calcium is micro ground to an average size of 3.5 microns, and is the finest available grind on the market, which provides
the ultimate “stick” when dusted onto insects.


This product contains low levels of Vitamin D-3 and should be the product of choice for sensitive species, or species kept with moderate levels of UVB from occasional natural sunlight or UVB producing bulbs indoors.

For most species, we recommend Repashy’s SuperCal MeD, and for therapeutic usage or for species with high D-3 requirements, we recommend Repashy’s SuperCal HyD.

Dust insects using the “shake and bake” method before feeding to animals.

For supplementing fresh fruit and vegetables, use 1 heaping Teaspoon per Pound.

It is recommended that Repashy’s SuperVite vitamin supplement be used at a 1:1 ratio to this product to provide a balance of essential vitamins. For an “All-in-One” solution please try Repashy’s Calcium Plus.

INGREDIENTS: Calcium Carbonate.

Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium min. 30%, Calcium max. 32%.


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