Special Offer Humidity Controller 2

Humidity Controller 2

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At last a reliable humidity control unit made for the UK reptile market.


The display on the unit constantly shows the measured humidity.The humidity setting can be set between 1% and 99% relative humidity.


With this model you can set a value (15 for example) which means that the humidifier will only start working if the measured humidity is at least 15% below the desired setting (if setting is 70%, it will start not before reaching 55%).


This is the most effective way to operate the unit and prevents the constant turning on and off of the item being controlled.




The Humidity Control 2 is has two circuits which permit different settings for day and night. This is controlled by a realtime clock which allows switching between day and night mode according to how you set it up.


In addition there is an integrated timer which allows two ON/OFF settings controlled by the realtime clock. The minimum period of spraying is 60 seconds.


Other features are an alarm function (visual and sound), switching between humdifying and de-humidifying e.g. for use with fans.


Maximum load is 1000W.


The item being controlled is plugged into a normal 3 pin socket on the unit.


Please note that this unit controls another product such as, Super Fog - Humidifier, Super Rain - Mist System, water pump, Mini Fan etc which is not included.

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