Special Offer Bug Napper Live Flying Insect Light Trap

Bug Napper Live Flying Insect Light Trap

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Catch FREE natural live food for your pet herps!


The Bug Napper catches flying insect like moths, beetles, gnats, flies, etc.


Feed fresh bugs to lizards (including geckos, chameleons) tree frogs, toads, sugar gliders, softbills, tarantulas, etc.


Also great for catching insect specimens for school science projects or bug hobby collections.


Adjustable bug collection cup to catch different size bugs.


Easy to empty no touch collection cup means you dont have to handle bugs!


Attracts bugs with a special long-lasting energy-efficient compact fluorescent bug lamp.


This trap is designed allong the same lines as a moth trap. It is ideal for sampling the native insect life when on holiday.


It comes fitted with a European Plug and 3 pin adaptor which means it is easily converted when traveling.


Mains Power 230v / 240v


Power Cable approx 135cm (54")

Durable hard plastic design.


Approx size 16.5cm (6.5)" diameter x 35.5cm (14.25") high.



Main Unit with light fitting, Power cable and On/Off Switch.


1 x Insect Lamp

Metal hanging clip

1 x Collection Cup


1 x Collection Cup Insert


1 x Collection Cup Lid with Handle


2 x Funnel Inserts to regulate the size of insect captured



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