The Horned Frog Family, and African Bullfrogs

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Horned Frogs & African BullFrogs

Reptile Keepers Guides Book By Barrons

by R.D. Bartlett & Patricia Bartlett

These tropical frogs require special attention regarding diet and protection against parasites.

All aspects of animal care and maintenance are discussed in this fact-filled volume.

Each book in the Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guides series provides basic information on reptiles and specific instructions on care.

Each book begins with a description of the subject animal's natural history, distribution, life expectancy, and notable characterieistics.

The information that follows focuses on selecting a good specimen, determining the sex, providing proper caging, nutritious feeding, health care, and steps owners need to take if they plan to breed.

All Books in the series have 40 + pages packed with useful information and a selection of full colour photos.

Paperback A5 size

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