Red Eyed Tree Frogs & Leaf Frogs

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Red Eyed Treefrogs & other Leaf Frogs

Reptile Keepers Guides Book By Barrons

by R.D. Bartlett & Patricia Bartlett

Spectacularly colored, these Central American frogs thrive best in enclosures containing broad-leafed plants. Full details about care and maintenance are given in this book

Each book in the Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guides series provides basic information on reptiles and specific instructions on care.

Each book begins with a description of the subject animal's natural history, distribution, life expectancy, and notable characterieistics.

The information that follows focuses on selecting a good specimen, determining the sex, providing proper caging, nutritious feeding, health care, and steps owners need to take if they plan to breed.

All Books in the series have 40 + pages packed with useful information and a selection of full colour photos.

Paperback A5 size

Please note that the front cover of some of these books has changed as the books have been re-printed and updated

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